TWO new collections: Holiday AND Native



Call us crazy, earlier this month we unveiled not one, but TWO new collections at Life Instyle in Melbourne.

In keeping with our previous seasonal collections, we launched Holiday, which is inspired by our overseas adventures, and more specifically a recent trip to Hawaii.

Travel plays an important role in our creative process. When we visit other countries and experience different cultures, landscapes and ways of life, we’re also developing new creative ideas.

Holiday also represents our downtime when we’re at home in Australia so you can see Picnic blankets, summer flowers, painting and exploring featured as well as new colour accents of summery peach, sky blue and fresh, bright greens.

This season also sees the launch of our Native range which brings together flora and fauna themes from previous collections, while also introducing new designs inspired by native plant life including the flowering wattle. Each new season collection will include products that continue to build on the Native range.


While we know you’re all brave enough to take on bright colours and abstract patterns, there’s still a place for neutral tones and traditional designs. We continue to be inspired by our original collections so we’re excited to be launching two very different but complementary ranges this season.

We love hearing what you think of our products so please keep sharing your feedback with us on social media, and if you’ve got any questions about the range or want to know more about any of our products, contact us.

Bye for now,

Bonnie and Neil