Dulux 2015 Colour Forecast


Each year colour experts from Dulux Australia study trends from around the world to develop the Dulux Colour Forecast. They attend trade fairs in Europe, study design, product innovation, colour and finishes, as well as considering influences such as fashion, media, world events, technology and politics!

Based on their trends research, the Dulux 2015 Colour Forecast “Connection” has released four palettes: Wildland, Silentshift, Earthwerks and Modhaus.

To showcase the annual colour forecast, Dulux works with local design experts in bringing each palette to life. And this year, we were invited to collaborate on two of the palettes, Earthwerks and Modhaus.

Our Earthwerks sets were inspired by nature, and the idea of bringing nature indoors and reconnecting back with nature through home interiors.


Earthwerks explores our desire to have greenery in our homes and workspaces. The urge to get our hands dirty, to create things from scratch and to be aware of the source of our food drives this trend. A palette drawn from greens and mineral hues creates spaces where mimicked or real nature blends seamlessly with future interiors.

Our Modhaus sets were inspired by fashion and modern art, brought to life through bold colours and shapes.


Modhaus takes its cues from design movements where form did not necessarily follow function and colour was explored using bold playful combinations. Memphis design of the 1980s is at the core of this trend. Contrasting colour blocks that appear to be spliced between graphic patterns, often in black and white, play against geometric shapes that repeat to create a sense of order that balance out the colour play.

For more information on the Dulux 2015 Colour Forecast including videos of each colour palette set unfolding check out Dulux Australia.


Bye for now,


Bonnie and Neil