The Design Files Open House



Each year The Design Files Open House is an important event on our calendar.  Not only because we get to showcase our products alongside other Australian designers within an amazingly styled home but also because we get to be part of something very special.

This year’s #TDFopenhouse is no exception.  When Lucy announced the project in November she also revealed that it would be custom designed and built from scratch within a 500m warehouse!

Since 2011, The Design Files team has been waving its magic wand over an existing home in Melbourne (and last year Sydney too!) transforming it into a showcase of Australian made products.  This year they’re taking things to the next level by building everything: kitchen, bathrooms, fixtures and fittings.  We’re involved by providing a range of cushions which will be scattered throughout the house.

No small challenge but if anyone can do it, The Design Files can.  We wish Lucy and her team all the best for a successful event.

Where: 12 Smith Street, Collingwood 3016
When: Thursday 4 December until Sunday 7 December 2014, from 10.00am until 5.00pm daily.
To find out more visit The Design Files Open House website.

And while we’re super excited to see this year’s Open House, we’re already wondering about TDF Open House 2015 – what will they think of next!!!

Bye for now,
Bonnie and Neil

Images: Eve Wilson for The Design Files